Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lisa Hoodless and Charlene Lunnon, The Girls Who Survived A Kidnapper

I watched in horror ten years ago when the story broke of two little girls who had gone missing after not turning up for school.

Back then, I was not living that many miles from Alan Hopkinson, (See the photo here taken when he was arrested), the paedophile who by chance saw the girls walking to school that morning. The story was on the local news, in the local papers and obviously sensationally all over the national news when the two girls, Lisa hoodless and Charlene Lunnon, were found in his flat four days later.

Ten years ago, I was the mother of two young children and I did not want to think about what the little girls had been subjected to at the hands of that convicted paedophile and was horrified as to how the girl's schools did not contact their parents sooner. I think we all felt the same and knew changes had to be made.

Here's the photos of Lisa Hoodless and Charlene Lunnon that were shown across the country after Alan Hopkinson kidnapped them and took them to his grundgy flat.

Thankfully school procedures have changed but the kidnapping of Shannon and the highlighting of how many paedophiles were living in just that small locality where Shannon lived, is frightening. This could happen again yet we do not want to live in fear or pass that fear onto our children? After all it is only a small percentage of children who are kidnapped by perverts, are children are more at risk from those in their own families!

This morning, Shannon Matthews is described as "on the road to recovery" today, she is "bubbly and relaxed" and has been playing with a kitten........Who knows what is going on inside of her head?

Only two weeks ago, Lisa Hoodless and Charlene Lunnon were interviewed on television about the horrific four days they spent with Alan Hopkinson. Their lives were visited by the press and overpowered I would imagine and then what? Did they really get the support that they needed?
The Sun has printed an interview with the now 19 year olds today but I have put a link with a more in depth interview from The Times. There is a lot of information here and some you may not want to read; be warned.

Hogkinson pleaded guilty in court and was given nine life sentences. I could now print a cliche with how Lisa and Charlene never will get over what happened to them but that is the truth; they never will. They cope and they feel guilty. Their friendship was torn apart.
They are wonderful, beautiful, young women.

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